Brakes on Mt Keira planAttending one of the Council focus groups on Mt Keira summit, I was surprised to find that many of the ideas we were being asked to comment on seem to already have been assumed to have merit by Destination Wollongong in their document “Mt Keira Adventure Playground”.

Zip-lining and mountain bikes are on the cover page, the Grand Canyon and Whistler Blackcomb are described for inspiration, and land management issues are listed as a “barrier to development”.

Let’s keep the hoopla contained while we think this through properly or else we might end up with a world class white elephant.

_Stephen Young, Thirroul

Taxing questionsNSW State government complains about lack of funding for hospitals and a request they levy income taxes.

They should ask why was the State lotteries sold as it was set up to fund Hospital services.

Andif taxing each every individual 2.5 per cent of their pre-tax earnings through payroll tax is not an income tax on a person’s income than what is it?

_Ian Young, East Corrimal

Frustration in the worksI am writing this letter to vent my frustration at the night roadworks on Windang Bridge recently.

I had initially come to dead stop at 8.41pm, there were two sets of traffic lights ahead, 3 lanes merging to one.

It took me 45 minutes to get over the bridge, (which was always in full view in front of me).

Why were the lights which were controlling the roadworks set at such short intervals for the traffic heading to Shellharbour?

Why were the lanes not merged much earlier?

Aware bridge work was happening I allowed an extra 30 minutes to travel to my night job.

I feel Platinum Road services the operators directing traffic were totally inept in moving the traffic flow.

I had been caught in this last week and had to turn around as I was too late to attend my job.This is not the Sydney Harbour Bridge after all!

On my return (at red lights again) I had a Fire and rescue with lights and sirens behind me, I pulled over as best I could, as I was in a car with windows up, why did the traffic controllers not hear them earlier and make arrangements for them to get through?

On the other side of the road, (approximately half a kilometre from the bridge) there was a very serious looking four-car accident, where people were injured and lying on the footpath.

I understand the bridgework must be done, but can Platinum Road Services PLEASE improve their timing of the traffic lights.

_D McIntyre, Unanderra

US lead is‘dangerous’Professor of Strategic Studies Hugh White says, ‘’US reliance on aircraft carriers may prove costly’’(Mercury March 31). He adds they could be vulnerable in any future war and not achieve the strategic results that justify their cost.

The USA is ignoring the advice of experts and is planning to build a new class of 10 aircraft carriers the first will be the Gerald R Ford. Prof Hugh comments that “It’s awesome sight will be a revered symbol of US power but if it ever comes to a fight they prove to be a terrible waste of money”.

US expertadvice is they would be vulnerable in a war against China which has developed defence technologies that can “reliably find and sink US carriers anywhere within hundreds of kilometres off it’s coast”.

Abbott’s shirt-fronting policy towards China placed us at the centre ofthis insane, dangerous policy.It’s time that the government unglued us from it and developed an independent foreign policy.

_Reg Wilding, Wollongong

Better plan?: Roadworks on Windang Bridge had motorists frustrated. Timing of the traffic lights was identified as an issue for one Mercury reader.

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